GenTech Holdings Inc - GTEH

If you haven’t yet, you need to take a deep dive into the “green gold rush.

I, along with many other industry insiders, suggest immersing yourself with a complete knowledge of cannabidiol [CB].

It’s very simple. This market/sector is growing at exponential levels, especially from a relaxed atmosphere stateside due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Taking hemp-derived CB off the DEA’s list of dangerous drugs, analysts now see CB sales growing rapidly over the next few years.

Some estimates suggest that the industry will be worth more than $20Bn by 2024.

From some of the numbers I’ve seen, $20Bn might be a conservative estimate.

Now, I’m not sure that too many profiles come around like this one too often, with so much going for it while still flying under-the-radar

For Wednesday, 9/11, I suggest turning your full attention to this “Green Wave” profile:

>> GenTech Holdings, Inc. (GTEH) <<

… because, if 2019 chart history tells us anything, this stock show the potential to burst at any moment.

But,… How can you be so sure?

Easy. Have a peek at these (5) trading sessions since April:

  1. (4/10) Opens $0.022, hits $.04 (81% potential gains)
  2. (4/30) Opens $0.015, hits $0.0270 (80% potential gains)
  3. (5/15) Opens $0.034, hits $0.0675 (98% potential gains)
  4. (5/24) Opens $0.0205, hits $0.0339 (63% potential gains)
  5. (6/4) Opens $0.0375, hits $0.0599 (59% potential gains)

Is that evidence enough of how quickly share prices can burst on this new profile?

Want more? Good. Here’s exactly why you need to focus in on this breakout idea today…

CB is starting to show up in everyday places.

I’m sure if you go to your grocery stores, your convenience stores, gas stations, etc., and you’ll come across some sort of product containing the hemp derivative.

And that’s only the beginning. Did you know, Carl’s Jr. sold a CB burger for one day back on April 20th?

Kim Kardashian had a CB-based Baby Shower this year.

Heck, just look at the top 10 Google food related searches for 2018 (#3).

For these type of reasons, I think GTEH is WAY AHEAD of the curve with their CB-Infusion Café idea.

–> Your Number 1 Catalyst For GTEH <–

A recent press release could provide serious momentum for the company as they speed up their time tables for a launch:

GenTech Steps Up Time Table for Initial CB-Infusion Café Launch, Readies Leases for Multiple New Locations

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — GenTech Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS: GTEH) (“GenTech” or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the high-end CB food and drinks marketplace, is excited to announce accelerated plans to open its inaugural “Healthy Leaf” CB-Infusion Café, with final architecture work now currently underway through leading architecture firm, Smith Maran LLC. In addition, the Company has officially extended lease agreement offers for as many as three additional Healthy Leaf locations.

“We have instructed the Smith Maran team to deliver a final plan that maximizes indoor and outdoor seating capacity with ample space for live entertainment,” commented David Lovatt, CEO of GenTech. “They are well aware of our signature high-end CB lifestyle Café model, and we expect them to deliver finalized plans with a truly special tone and feel. We should have plans finalized by the end of next month, and we expect a relatively quick sprint from there to a tangible Grand Opening.”

Aside from the accelerated path toward a grand opening of Healthy Leaf Café #1, the Company has also made official lease offers for three additional Café locations. As noted in prior communications, the Company is moving along a planned path for coast-to-coast Healthy Leaf CB-infusion cafés within 24 months.Management notes that the Company’s accelerated time table for launch and expansion is linked to professional research suggesting faster-than-anticipated mainstream adoption of CB products by general consumers in North America in 2019, as projected by a number of recently published Wall Street analyst reports. Several factors may account for this increased pace, but the Company believes that increasing availability of CB-based products on the shelves of physical retail chain stores may be “normalizing” the concept of CB as a desirable product ingredient for mainstream consumers at an accelerated pace.

“We have seen analyst growth estimates for CB skyrocket over the past three months,” continues Mr. Lovatt. “Our sense is that this is related to the reduced stigma of CB now that consumers regularly see CB based products on the shelves at the likes of Macy’s, Kroger’s, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and Walmart. It just doesn’t seem quite so ‘niche’ or ‘counterculture’ anymore. That has huge implications for our own sense of the size of our target market. This could be much bigger than we initially realized.”


These cafés could provide GenTech with an interesting new revenue stream while making “Healthy Leaf” a household name. That’s what I call a true game-changer.

–> Catalyst Number 2: GTEH’s Technicals & Chart <–

Today, GTEH appears severely oversold. Technical indicators signal the potential for a healthy reversal short term.

Here are the key technicals to focus on for Wednesday:

  1. GTEH’s 9-Day and 14-Day RSI are both right around the 40% range. If these numbers continue to drop towards the 30% range, GTEH could start appearing on more radars as an oversold stock.
  2. GTEH’s 9-Day Raw Stochastic is around 18%. When this number nears 10%, it also becomes an oversold technical indicator to watch closely.
  3. On the other end of the spectrum, GTEH’s 9-Day Williams %R is around 82%. If this number grows towards 90% or more, GTEH will have a 3rd technical indicator that can be viewed as oversold.
  4. As of close Friday 9/7, GTEH was currently trading above both its 5-Day and 13-Day Exponential Moving Averages. This is a great signal for a stock that could be potentially be growing towards an even bigger move as it has been gathering steam in the short-term.

As I mentioned above, the chart for GTEH is something to watch closely. Over the past month, this stock has been trading in a tight channel between $.0115 and $.019.

Seeing that GTEH’s current valuation is $.0127. To that $.019 level, there is potential upside of approx. 49% from today’s trading levels.

Since GTEH is trading towards the bottom of the channel, traders could be confident that support will hold since it has repeatedly over the past month. That confidence could lead towards momentum for a push to levels that haven’t been seen early August when this stock hit a high of $.0339.

If that level is reach again, GTEH could be looking at potential upside of 166%!

And, with the news catalyst I mentioned above, GTEH could really see some serious buzz with the launch of its first cafe.

The month of May’s $.07 high could be back on the radar. That could give this stock over 400% potential upside.

You need to pay attention to GTEH Wednesday. The “Green Wave” movement is real. It’s time to focus in.

More Company Info On GenTech Holdings, Inc.

GenTech Holdings, Inc. is a publicly traded company under the symbol GTEH. The company is creating a national chain of Hemp Centric Coffee Shop Retail Spaces where patrons can relax, drink “green wave” infused Teas and Coffees, try various own-brand products and experience holistic education and classes. The company is also building an extensive outreach program working with medical practitioners across the country in their own locations to educate their patients and increase awareness of the benefits of “green wave” products free of chemicals producing psychological effects. All of this is offered under the brand “The Healthy Leaf.”

Start your research on GTEH right way and stay up to date as this sector develops and its key players take place.



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