Finally, a beer that tastes like rosé

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The bottle: Shiner Brewer’s Pride Rosé Pale Ale, around $11 for a six-pack.

The back story: In recent years, rosé has become the go-to wine for many a sipper, especially during the warmer months. The style’s popularity has spawned everything from rosé-flavored gummy candies to a rosé-based frozen cocktail (we’re talking frosé, of course).

So, what’s next? A rosé-flavored beer, naturally.

Specifically, it’s this offering from Texas-based Shiner. Or, to be precise, from Spoetzl Brewery, the 110-year-old company, founded in Shiner, Texas, that is behind the Shiner name. While the brewery is best know for making its Shiner Bock beer, it has branched out with other styles of late. Indeed, its Shiner’s Brewer’s Pride is a series of limited-edition beers designed to allow its brewers “to push the limits and experiment with new and unique offerings,” according to a brewery spokesperson.

This rosé-flavored beer is part of this series — in fact, it is the most popular one to date, says the brewery. The idea came about as a collaboration with Kiepersol Vineyards, a Texas winemaker. Grape must (essentially, grape juice with the stems and seeds) is used in the making of the beer, which is also aged in barrels that previously held wine. To top it off, the brewers chose a style of hops that would impart flavor notes reminiscent of rosé.

So, yes, this is a beer that has a lot of wine-y things going on. “But it should drink as a beer,” a brewery spokesperson says.

What we think about it: It’s easy to be cynical about this brew and the Shiner brand’s attempt to cash in on the rosé trend. But we have to say this is a welcome sip — slightly sweet and subtly reminiscent of rosé. The brewery team says it is marked by a “bright, berry character with crispy, dry finish.” In all, a fun beer for a summer’s day.

How to enjoy it: This is a good standalone sip or a perfect accompaniment to a picnic spread. But we’d also say this is the kind of beer that would pair well with dessert, from chocolate cake to a strawberry tart.

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