Personal Finance Daily: 6 possible reasons your stimulus payment hasn’t arrived and discounts on new and used cars are popping up online

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Personal Finance
Why haven’t I gotten my stimulus check yet? 6 possible reasons your payment hasn’t arrived

Nearly 90 million people have received their stimulus payments, the IRS says. Here’s why you could still be waiting.

Coronavirus survives longer airborne and travels further in these public spaces

‘While the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 via human respiratory droplets and direct contact is clear, the potential for aerosol transmission is poorly understood.’

With car dealerships closed, discounts on new and used cars are popping up online

‘If you have the wherewithal to afford a new vehicle, there so many great deals.’

14 million Americans risk major delays in their stimulus checks — should they use Square, PayPal or a bank account?

The FDIC and others are making a push to sign Americans up for bank accounts so they can get their stimulus checks faster and develop and long-term relationships with banks.

Your bank could lower your credit-card limit — what to do if that happens

In most cases, banks can lower a customer’s credit limit without giving them advance notice.

How do I self-quarantine? Can I walk my dog? Be warned, there can be legal consequences for violators

There’s a lot of confusion about preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Here’s what health experts recommend.

Letter from New York, epicenter of coronavirus: ‘The streets are virtually empty, but the birds go on singing’

‘People here have longed for clarity on how to keep themselves, and everyone else safe.’

‘I received an email from clients demanding their deposit back’: Coronavirus took a bite out of the wedding industry — but is this force majeure or force of government?

‘The coronavirus exposed a weakness almost universally across the wedding and event industry: legal concerns during a pandemic.’

Watch out for these six new coronavirus symptoms

The CDC has updated its list of COVID-19 warning signs, even as reports of rashes and ‘COVID toes’ also spread

‘We will not have a vaccine by next winter.’ Like the 1918 Spanish flu, CDC says second wave of coronavirus could be worse. So what happens now?

‘We will have coronavirus in the fall. I am convinced of that,’ Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Wednesday.

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This is the greatest mistake an investor can make, according to the founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund

Ray Dalio revisits his “cash is trash” argument and urges investors to think unconventionally.

Investors have $5.1 trillion hiding out in the shares of five companies, which will be tested this week

The companies’ earnings reports will be interpreted through the lens of confirmation bias.

This one niche of the sagging real estate market is growing rapidly

The build-out of data centers and 5G technology stands in contrast to the retreating retail and commercial real estate markets.