Personal Finance Daily: How to get health insurance if you lost your job due to coronavirus and America’s housing market is showing signs of trouble

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‘As you get older, the physical stuff is hard.’ Meet the hospital cleaner on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic

Cleaners trained to sanitize medical facilities are getting more shifts, but that comes with its own challenges. ‘I’m not going to be rich, but I can manage to live,’ says hospital cleaner Don LeBlanc, Jr.

A survival guide to food shopping in New York — the epicenter of coronavirus

‘Every time I hear an ambulance I wonder if it’s related to coronavirus. Are there more emergency calls in the city, or am I noticing every distant siren?’

‘How will I pay for my Lexus?’ one consultant wondered. Ireland’s government takes over private hospitals to battle coronavirus

‘The expansion of private-sector capacity in health comes at a ferocious cost. Essentially, the private sector is being rented, with private patients pushed into the public sector.’

Did you lose your job and your health insurance due to coronavirus? Here’s how to get coverage before time runs out

‘People shouldn’t wait — they should start investigating,’ one economist said.

What we can learn from South Korea and Singapore’s efforts to stop coronavirus (besides wearing face masks)

South Korea has implemented aggressive contact-tracing apps to track a person’s detailed whereabouts.

America’s housing market is showing the first signs of trouble from the coronavirus pandemic

Sellers appear to be holding off on listing their homes for sale in anticipation of less buyer traffic during the normally busy spring home-buying season.

‘Coronavirus has ruined everything.’ My husband refuses to work. Is it too much to ask him to find a job when millions of people are now out of work?

‘I see him every day relaxing and taking it easy while I’m working. I’ve suggested jobs with car services and food-delivery services, but to no avail.’

These gig-economy jobs can earn you extra cash during the coronavirus pandemic — without having to leave your home

As layoffs mount, some Americans are turning to gig work for quick money.

‘Your boss is playing God’: My grocery store banned face masks for staff. I don’t want to contract coronavirus. How can I stay safe?

‘Wearing the mask makes me feel safer and helps to guard me against coronavirus. It does not interfere with my ability to do my job.’

Architect and public intellectual Michael Sorkin approached his life and work with a moral force

As an architect, critic, educator and public intellectual — who advocated fiercely for sustainability, green cities and an end to urban inequality — Michael Sorkin was unafraid to say what he thought.

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Newspaper sentiment about the economy started to worsen as soon as the first stories about the coronavirus appeared, a new Fed index shows

A new index that measures the sentiment of articles about the economy in newspapers started to drop as soon as the first stories about the coronavirus appeared, according to research from the San Francisco Fed

Coronavirus has ushered in an economic ice age. When can we expect activity to heat up again?

Whether the U.S. endures a recession or depression isn’t yet clear, but severe pain is unavoidable, writes economist Bernard Baumohl.

‘Phase 4’ coronavirus package could pass Congress between late April and mid-May, analysts say

As Washington works on its fourth legislative response to the coronavirus crisis, analysts are predicting that the next big spending deal isn’t likely to become a reality for weeks.

The coronavirus pandemic reminds us that people belong at the center of our economic thinking

Founding the economy on good health of both individuals and populations will make us more resilient to future pandemics.

Wall Street vet of half a century warns of an ‘L-shaped’ economic recovery

Back in December, Art Cashin, longtime NYSE trader, predicted that the stock market would be higher in 2020 despite some volatile stretches in January, March and July. Looks like he got that second part mostly right, anyway. He’s sounding quite a bit more bearish on the prospects of a recovery these days.

Only 9 of the world’s top 100 billionaires have gotten richer during the coronavirus pandemic — and all of them are Chinese

In just two months, the masters of the economic universe have lost more than $400 billion.

Individual investors have $1.5 trillion of cash on the sidelines, J.P. Morgan says. What next?

Individual investors have stopped panicking, and they may even start putting their money to work, according to an analysis by J.P. Morgan strategists.