Personal Finance Daily: ‘I am just one person whose health status is invisible’ and how the coronavirus is already threatening the housing market

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‘I am just one person whose health status is invisible’: One woman reflects on being immunosuppressed in an age of coronavirus

‘It is the invisibility of the threat that sparks the urge to identify with the folly of individual invincibility.’

The IRS is postponing tax payment deadlines during the coronavirus outbreak — what that means for your taxes

Taxpayers should still file their taxes by April 15 if they can, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said.

MLB teams pledge $30 million to ballpark workers during coronavirus stoppage

Major League Baseball’s 30 teams have pledged a total of $30 million for ballpark workers who will lose paychecks during the suspension of play over the coronavirus pandemic. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said Opening Day will be moved to May at the earliest.

How coronavirus is already threatening the housing market

Mortgage firms must prepare now for a U.S. recession, writes Sanjiv Das.

Some homeowners and renters will get a break from the coronavirus financial fallout

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have suspended evictions to curb the financial impact of coronavirus pandemic.

3 signs it’s worth the effort to itemize your taxes

Itemizing could save more money if you have the time and energy to fill out extra forms and dig up receipts.

Coronavirus can survive up to 3 hours in aerosols and up to 3 days on some surfaces, peer-reviewed study finds

COVID-19 is most similar to the SARS virus, but that doesn’t explain why it has become a much larger outbreak, the New England Journal of Medicine study concluded.

Still hearing people say coronavirus is just like the flu? They’re wrong — and here’s why

President Trump suspended all travel to the U.S. from Europe and declared a national emergency over COVID-19’s rapid spread.

Does ibuprofen make the coronavirus worse? Is it still safe to take aspirin?

The French health minister said certain painkillers aggravate COVID-19. Here’s what research says so far.

Redfin, Re/Max and other brokerage firms cancel open houses as coronavirus hits the real-estate industry

‘The coronavirus has just made the future we’ve been preparing for come sooner,’ Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman said in a blog post.

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Any airline bailout must have climate-change conditions attached, says group of Democrats

Democrats see the airline bailout request as an opportunity to press the major carriers and Boeing to be better champions of the environment in exchange for help.

Senate passes House’s coronavirus relief bill, turns its focus to broader stimulus

The Senate on Wednesday works to approve a House-passed coronavirus bill that targets paid leave and testing, as lawmakers and the Trump administration already look ahead to other, broader stimulus efforts.

Any corporate bailouts should wipe out shareholders first

We are being told that we must give billions of dollars to big companies or the world will end. It’s not so.

Wall Street billionaire Bill Ackman says ‘hell is coming’ and urges President Trump to ‘send everyone home now’

Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman is calling for drastic measures.

Huge spike in Google searches for ‘unemployment benefits’ give a stark picture of economic carnage to come

The mounting damage to the economy from the coronavirus is about to become starkly visible, starting with Thursday’s update on how many Americans are seeking unemployment benefits.

Jim Cramer praises Mark Cuban’s bailout suggestions: ‘So tired of the rich profiting from every cataclysm’

The Dallas Mavericks owner is fine with bailouts, with a couple caveats.

Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have changed their coronavirus tune in a big way

What a difference a few days, and a few thousand coronavirus cases in the U.S., make.

Here’s what it will take for Tesla’s stock to recover from the coronavirus selloff

The capital raising was well-timed, but competition is getting tougher.

Dow tumbles more than 1,300 points amid questions whether government action on coronavirus is sufficient

U.S. stocks fall sharply again on Wednesday as investors grappled with a flood of plans by governments to limit the economic blow of the COVID-19 outbreak and debated whether the measures will be enough to limit the economic blow.