Personal Finance Daily: ‘I owe child support from my first marriage and did not receive a stimulus check’ and what one-third of Americans are planning to do this summer

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I received two $1,200 stimulus payments. One was direct deposit and the other was a paper check — I cashed the check

Some people are upset that they didn’t receive a large enough check, while others have received two payments.

‘I owe child support from my first marriage and did not receive a stimulus check. Does President Trump not realize that I now have another family to take care of?’

‘Withholding checks now does not take into account the unprecedented circumstances in which we’re living.’

Are you still waiting on your stimulus check? Make sure you meet this deadline before noon on Wednesday

The IRS has already sent out 110 million direct deposit money transfers and nearly 20 million paper checks.

6 places to get free, professional financial advice now

Financial advisers are offering pro bono help during the pandemic. Here are the links.

How to find work in a pandemic economy

Who’s hiring, what to add to your resume and how to network virtually.

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans are planning to take a road trip this summer, as low gas prices outweigh coronavirus fears

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many Americans to cancel their summer vacations — but some see the low gas prices as an opportunity to save.

Airlines are issuing billions of dollars in vouchers — but can you still get a cash refund for coronavirus-related flight cancellations?

The coronavirus pandemic has made air travel far less appealing, which is pushing airlines to the edge of bankruptcy.

Think it’s bad now? Wait until hurricane and fire seasons start

Prepare your financial records and learn where to turn for help when natural disaster strikes.

8 types of credit card relief you can ask for

Credit card issuers may be more lenient with customers in the pandemic, but you have to take some initiative.

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Here’s what China’s coronavirus shutdown did to global supply chains

China has lost market share when it comes to U.S. imports, possibly strengthening a trend that’s seen manufacturers move capacity back to the U.S. or ensure their supply chain is less dependent on a single country, according to a paper by a New York Federal Reserve economist.

House Democrats roll out $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill, eyeing a vote by the end of this week

House Democrats unveiled their opening bid Tuesday in the next debate on Capitol Hill over how to fight the coronavirus and revive the economy, a sweeping bill set to be voted at the end of the week.

With unemployment at depression levels, even all the Fed’s money printing can’t muster much inflation

Until the economy reaches something approximating full employment, there is little chance of an inflationary outbreak.

Frontline workers in this coronavirus-damaged economy need money as well as applause

These 3 initiatives can help essential workers achieve greater financial security, writes Kabir Sehgal.

U.S. runs $737.9 billion April budget deficit: Treasury

The federal government ran a budget deficit of $737.9 billion in April, the Treasury Department said Tuesday.

‘Open the plant, NOW’: Trump sides with Musk over Tesla car-factory reopening

President Donald Trump took sides with Tesla Inc.’s chief executive Elon Musk on Tuesday, tweeting support for reopening the car maker’s sole U.S. car-making facility as the company clashed with local health authorities.

Coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are likely higher than the official tally, Dr. Fauci tells Senate committee

Government health officials sought to assure critical Democratic lawmakers that COVID-29 testing capacity is on track to increase as questions persist about how reopening state economies will work without a vaccine or widespread treatment options.

Social Security recipients may be in for a rude awakening later this year

There’s a larger problem: aligning retiree spending with Social Security checks

The hottest billion-dollar company you’ve likely never heard of has seen its stock surge 2,819% in the past year

A year ago, International Holdings was worth about $133 million. Now, its market value has reached an eye-popping $14 billion, thanks to a 2,819% explosion that makes it the top performer of all billion-dollar companies over the past year.

If you could buy only one ecommerce stock, this would be it — and it’s not Amazon

Alibaba, whose shares have slipped this year, is a good value for a large internet retailer.

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Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA, is feeling bullish about the future.