Personal Finance Daily: More than half of renters say they lost jobs due to coronavirus and this tech CEO is paying restaurants to deliver meals to people in need

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‘Housekeeping services are nonexistent. My quarantine in a 4-star hotel in Singapore: I’m not permitted to leave my 220-square-foot hotel room for 14 days’

The country’s government reportedly booked out about 7,500 rooms, many of which typically go for upwards of $150 a night.

More than half of renters say they lost jobs due to coronavirus: ‘They could face housing situations that spiral out of control’

‘Low-income renters, especially those who lose employment during the crisis, will have a hard time paying back rent.’

As jobless claims hit nearly 17 million, more older Americans and Republicans say coronavirus is less likely to hurt their finances

Almost half of Republicans say COVID-19 is not a major financial threat, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

Can President Trump save the U.S. economy from coronavirus and save lives?

‘It’s appalling to attach a dollar number to a human life — for noneconomists,’ said Colin Camerer, a professor of behavioral finance and economics.

Letter from New York: ‘It’s a surreal experience living in the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. But I love my adopted city, and I’m not leaving’

‘When I hear an ambulance, I wonder if there’s a coronavirus patient inside. Are there more 911 calls, or do I notice every distant siren?’

‘Coronavirus doesn’t care who you’ll vote for in November.’ My boss says the virus is a conspiracy and told me to work — even though I was just tested

‘I’m falling through the cracks. I worry that if I do get COVID-19 and die, my husband and children will have no recourse against this employer.’

10 ways to get a coronavirus skeptic to take the pandemic seriously: ‘Anecdotes are much more convincing than statistics’

What if someone in your life is part of the small sliver of the population that isn’t taking the threat of the pandemic seriously?

These U.S. housing markets are most vulnerable to a coronavirus downturn

Having a high number of coronavirus cases doesn’t necessarily make a housing market more likely to be impacted by the disease outbreak.

I kicked my roommate out as she works with adolescents, a group more likely to pass on coronavirus. Can I stop her coming home?

‘I gave her an ultimatum to isolate at home or move out for the protection of me, my sister and herself.’

This tech CEO is paying restaurants hit by the coronavirus to make food and deliver meals to people in need

Support small businesses and food service workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Twitch CEO Emmett Shear.

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