Personal Finance Daily: Mortgage rates hover near record lows and ‘consumer harm’ could happen when government starts collecting student loan payments again

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‘It is now a full-blown depression for domestic workers.’ Nannies, house cleaners and home-care workers continue to struggle even as other job sectors bounce back

Meanwhile, some highly-educated nannies are finding work for families dealing with remote schooling.

I offered my son $30K for a down payment on a home. His fiancée wants a written agreement for my gift to be split 50/50

‘My son had already agreed that any house they buy would be split 50/50 in case they divorced. She is still paying off student debt and has little savings.’

I filed for bankruptcy after rehabbing my husband’s home. Now he wants an open marriage and says I own nothing. I feel trapped and bamboozled

‘I don’t pay bills, which has left me pondering the idea of just staying with him out of convenience — but at what cost to me mentally?’

‘Consumer harm’ could happen when government starts collecting student loan payments again, CFPB warns

Student-loan borrowers have been allowed to pause payments during the pandemic, but they’ll have to start again on Jan. 1, 2021.

Mortgage rates hover near record lows — fueling higher home prices

‘The results of next week’s federal election could certainly impact market activity,’ said one economist.

The weird pandemic trend that’s sticking: home cooks are switching to alternative flours

Demand for alternative flours such as sweet potato, banana, almond and corn has grown during the pandemic. Some consumers appear to be making a more permanent switch to them.

See inside New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees’ $2.05 million Kauai home

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is looking to pass his townhome in Princeville, HI, to a buyer for $2.05 million.

My parents gave my brothers and me $8 million in bonds, stocks and ETFs. I’d like to use my profit to travel. My parents refuse

‘I’m a 36-year-old man with no plans on having children, and I’d like to be able to use this very small amount to pursue one of my passions in life.’

As pending home sales fall in September, concerns emerge about a housing rebound

Contract-signing activity dipped across most of the country last month, suggesting that buyers aren’t having an easy time making a deal.

‘I cannot express how little I care that you hate the photos’ — Chrissy Teigen speaks out for first time since miscarriage

Pregnancy loss takes a huge emotional and financial toll — which many people still don’t talk about. Teigen is breaking that silence.

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Prospects for post-election fiscal stimulus package brighter amid softer Washington talk

The Senate returns to Washington the week after next and the House a week later. A coronavirus relief package may not be far behind, if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump are to be believed.

Record 33% GDP surge still leaves the U.S. economy in a world of hurt

The U.S. economy is still in a deep ditch even after a record-shattering 33% burst of growth during the summer. Nearly $700 billion in economic activity is missing and it’s not coming back soon.

The popularity of old-school hobbies skyrocketed in quarantine, boosting this stock 25% Thursday

Shares in Hornby, a small cap British toy company that can trace its roots back to 1901 in Liverpool, surged more than 25%, after half-year earnings revealed how the popularity of modeling hobbies skyrocketed during the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has sent people flocking to Pinterest and Snap, which could be a bad sign for Facebook

Pinterest Inc. is seeing a boom in new users as shut-in DIYers looked for new home improvement projects during the pandemic, and its revenue benefitted from a boycott by many large advertisers of Facebook.