Personal Finance Daily: On frontlines fighting COVID-19… for $17.30 an hour and the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill encourages Americans to donate to charity

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Closing our business to stop the coronavirus violated our employees’ rights, lawsuit claims

‘Most small businesses operate on a month or two of cash and beyond that, we’ll really struggle,’ the owner says.

Legendary Broadway playwright Terrence McNally remembered for bringing the complexity of gay life to the stage

The Tony Award-winning writer of Corpus Christi and Love! Valour! Compassion! died on March 24 from coronavirus-related complications.

The $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill encourages Americans to donate to charity

The move is meant to shore up the nonprofit sector, which is the third-largest industry in the country.

‘We’re now experiencing the aftershock’: As Italy’s death toll exceeds 10,000, Italians anxiously wait for coronavirus surge to peak

School corridors lie empty. Paintings in art classes are left unfinished.’

As financial advisers join the ranks of work-from-home professionals, some adjust better than others

Investment pros juggle virtual meetings, contingency plans, hand-holding and portfolio strategies.

On the frontlines fighting COVID-19… for $17.30 an hour

Cleaners trained to sanitize medical facilities are getting more shifts as the coronavirus epidemic intensifies, though they have limited access to healthcare and benefits.

Pending home sales rise 2.4% in February — but the coronavirus outbreak will slow real-estate activity for months to come

Before the coronavirus outbreak worsened in the U.S., every region in the country saw gains in contract signings for home purchases.

Coronavirus stimulus-package tax relief: Withdraw $100K from your IRA — and repay in 3 years with zero tax liability

Use the money to pay bills, pay down your HELOC, or simply to get through the pandemic.

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5 reasons Gov. Cuomo and Dr. Fauci are America’s de facto leaders during the coronavirus pandemic

For Americans gripped with fear and confusion over the rapid spread of the coronavirus, Cuomo and Fauci have emerged as unexpected emotional life rafts.

Older workers will jump-start an economy post-pandemic faster than younger ones, argues Citigroup

Here are the arguments from Citigroup against letting younger workers be the first back on the job, as opposed to older workers. One reason: the older workers have more money and are better insured.

Why Friday’s jobs report for March won’t tell the full story of a U.S. economy being driven into a deep recession

A flood of bad news on the economy is about to pour in confirming what has become quite obvious: the U.S. is sinking into a deep recession. Just don’t expect the full scope of the damage to be visible in the coming jobs for report for March.

These 16 companies are working on coronavirus treatments or vaccines — here’s where things stand

A mix of legacy drugmakers and small startups have stepped forward with plans to develop vaccines or treatments that target the infection caused by the novel coronavirus.